We're offering our property as your new home for the next year! With the Barbados Welcome Stamp initiative, persons will be able to live in Barbados while working remotely. For more information about the initiative and the requirements, visit https://www.barbadoswelcomestamp.bb/

We'll be offering our Standard Studios as your home away from home. Our rooms contain kitchenettes and will be perfect for you to utilise during this time. Just picture it: being able to sign into all of your Zoom meetings while lounging poolside!

A non-refundable deposit of 3 months is required and a minimum length of stay is 6 months, but stays up to a year can be booked. Our rooms will be available at a rate of $1950 US per month, based on single or double occupancy. 

We can't take to take this step with you. Contact us at info@piratesinnbarbados.com for more information.